Participation Requirements


Eligible and/or Confirmed Teams must notify the Tournament Organisers of participation, including final roster submission, by the 21st of July for this Qualifier. 

Qualifier invites cannot be transferred to another Team or organisation.


Rulebook and Acceptance

Full Rulebook - Version 1.1 13/07/23

Each Player and Team Staff must read, acknowledge, and accept these Rules, and agree to always abide by them to remain eligible to participate in R6 North. By accepting these Rules, An organisation, Teams or Players consents to UBISOFT’s, EPIC.LAN’s, and/or the Tournament Organiser’s authority to issue sanction or sanctions, preliminary conservative measures and/or definitive sanctions (“Sanction(s)”) in accordance with the Penalties outlined within the R6 North Rulebook, without prejudice to any other sanction issued under the Rainbow Six: Siege Code of Conduct and UBISOFT’s Terms of Use. The Rules may be accepted either through the registration process of a R6 North competition or deemed accepted when a Player or its Team enter and participate into any tournament or match of R6 North. Players and their Team may not participate if they do not agree to be bound to these Rules or otherwise do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the Rules.

By accepting a Qualifier or R6 North competition invite and/or registering/signing up to an R6 North Qualifier or R6 North competition, Organisations, Teams, and Players agree to the Rules or any changes permitted as outlined under "Clause on Amendments and Modification" within the official R6 North Rulebook as/or once published.

Clause on Amendments and Modification

In order to ensure that the R6 North Rainbow Rumble competition and it's Qualifiers are operated in accordance with the values conveyed by the Principles of Esports Engagement set forth by the Entertainment Software Association which UBISOFT is a part of, or for the protection of any interest that UBISOFT and/or EPIC.LAN considers material in order to preserve the values, legitimacy and integrity of R6 North, or in order to comply with any applicable law, UBISOFT and/or EPIC.LAN may amend or supplement these Rules with or without prior notice. UBISOFT and/or EPIC.LAN may also change part of, or the entirety of, the format of R6 North with a reasonable notice before said modified parts of the format are executed upon. The Tournament Organiser may modify the Specific Rules in accordance with the same principles, subject to UBISOFT/EPIC.LAN’s prior review and approval of such modifications in each instance.


Check-In and Support

Eligible and/or Confirmed teams will be required to check-in for the tournament on the 8th of July by 10:00 CEST. If an Organisation, Team or Players have any concerns or queries regarding the Qualifier, they are encouraged to reach out via official channels by either opening a Support Ticket via their R6 North account, or the Teams primary liaison who has joined the R6 North Discord server by opening a #support ticket.